“Rishikesh”. “Yoga Capital of the world”. “Heaven”. Same thing, really.

Today I sat trying to knuckle down and get on with my university work, but could only think of one thing…Rishikesh. I could only think that if there was one place I could be right now it would be Rishikesh. I thought of how hilarious and enjoyable almost every moment there was. I say almost because there is nowhere in India – or the world for that matter – where every moment of being there is amazing. There are always the less enjoyable moments of every trip. But in Rishikesh these moments are far and few between. Continue reading


Varanasi; Why I think everyone travelling India should visit

Varanasi; easily my favourite place in India, and for most of my friends too. If you’re travelling India in the first places you are most likely interested in the cultures and lifestyles of other countries around the world and how ‘the other half live.’ India is a country that has always been on my bucket list because of its culture, its British Heritage and because of the fascinating fact that a country so small in comparison to other countries such as the United States, manages to be the second most populated country in the world with 1.21 billion people living there. Continue reading

Cultural India

One of my favourite things about travelling is learning about different cultures around the world and beginning to understand different people, different religions and seeing how different life can be for people living just a few hours away. This is what I looked forward to the most before travelling to India, because I knew it would be different to anywhere I had been before. Of course there are different and interesting cultures, history and ways of life to learn about all over the world but I expected that travelling to India would give me a larger culture shock than anywhere I have travelled before, and that it did. Continue reading

Venice, Italy; Getting lost in Venice

Venice, Italy, another city famous for its romantic atmosphere as well as it’s over the top prices. It may be somewhere you have always wanted to go but can’t afford, or somewhere you have been before and were unable to make the most of it because you weren’t aware of how expensive it actually is and how much money you would actually need. That was me. Aware it would be an expensive European city to visit but not that expensive! But I managed to make the most of Venice and actually found that the fact I was on a budget made my trip even better in some cases. Here’s how… Continue reading

Bansko, Bulgaria; A cheaper destination for a skiing/snowboarding holiday

Skiing and snowboarding trips are exciting holidays that many of us love. Whether it is because of its sporty nature, nature its self, the beautiful scenery, the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that drinking all day and all night is a normal thing to do when skiing! It could be all of the above. But those who enjoy a skiing or snowboarding know that these holidays can be particularly expensive. Bansko in Bulgaria however is a little bit different… Continue reading

The history of the Cambodian Genocide

For travellers from all over the world Phnom Penh is on their bucket list of places to go because of its rich and recent history; The Cambodian Genocide. ‘The Killing Fields’ and ‘S21 Prison’ in the city of Phnom Penh have now become memorials for some of the two million civilians lost in Pol Pot’s, and the Khmer Rouge’s attempt at reconstructing Cambodia, based on the communist model of Mao’s China. Continue reading

Vietnam: Hoi An. One place you need to visit when traveling through South-East Asia

I recently realised that there is not much information on Vietnam within my blog. This is unfortunate as I spent three weeks in Vietnam and in that time visited some really beautiful and interesting places. Of these places, Hoi An, is definitely my favourite. Continue reading